Monday, January 10, 2011


Surprise!  Promo Copies of Britney Spears' new single Hold it Against Me, were distributed ahead of schedule by Sony Music this morning. The tune, penned by Shellback, Max Martin and Dr. Luke will be appearing on her still untitled March 2011 album, which she is now wrapping-up.

The grimy, throbbing bass-driven track shows much chart promise, despite not being her best work.  Melodically it takes a few cues from 1986 international hit I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Brit Group Cutting Crew.  The track's defining moment here is its sublime Breakdown.  Vocally though, we hear a  v. processed Spears in what might be interpreted as a lack of inspiration?

Enjoy this full version of Hold It Against Me below, courtesy of Sony Music:


  1. OMG! Will, I'm so glad you also hear "I just died in your arms tonite" from the new Britney.
    You are right about this song will be a hit, but it's not the best due to lack of inspiration.
    I'm hoping her new album will have better tracks that will keep her comeback momentum growing. Fingers crossed xo

  2. Thanks Sum! :) A friend told me that she's singing more subdued "because she's more mature now". That didn't make any sense to me at all. If anything, maturity should bring you more depth. You hear her on "I'm a Slave 4 U", "Toxic" or even "Gimme More", she sounds completely into it on those tracks. I feel like she's just singing on-top of a track here.

    The song is catchy though. I keep hearing it everywhere and it's only been out a day! :p