Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Still from My Idiot Brother
One Movie getting a serious about of buzz at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival held at the end of the month in Utah, is Jesse Peretz’s My Idiot Brother. The Comedy revolves around jailed Pot Dealer Ned, played by an unrecognizable Paul Rudd, who decides to take up time with each of his Sisters after being unable to live with his overbearing Mother.

The Film has an amazing Supporting Cast including Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer and Rashida Jones. Although the Film has been picked-up in Canada by Maple Pictures, it is being shopped around in the U.S. still. With a Cast like that it should have no problems being acquired, you’d think.

With no release date set yet, the Film will premiere at Sundance this weekend and Peretz apparently will be there to present the Film and answer questions afterwards.  I am so jealous of those who get to attend!

Visit the official website for My Idiot Brother here and follow updates on Twitter here. Yes, you actually do get cryptic messages from Ned if you Tweet him.

(Photo credit: Maple Pictures)

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