Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Little Nicky's Coffee and Donuts
My latest obsession is 1930's-inspired Little Nicky's Coffee, tucked away at the corner of Peter x Queen in Toronto's Entertainment District.  Brewing nothing but Organic Fair Trade Coffee, their bold and robust Dark Roast is something to experience.  Paired with Organic Cream and Raw Sugar, you are getting nothing but the best and a Size Large is in-and-around the $2.00 mark - cheaper than a Grande at Starbucks.  It was so good that I left, savoured, pondered and decidedly went back for seconds.... before caving in and ordering a half-pound of Grounds too!

Asides from Coffee, they also an array of Homemade Baked Goods like Cookies and Muffins  also, while catering to the Lunchtime Crowd with an offering of Sandwiches.  The one defining item on the Menu here is their Homemade Donuts - irresistibly aromatic, moist in texture and finished with a light dusting of  Powdered Sugar; a half-dozen simply isn't enough. 

Little Nicky's Coffee is located at 375 Queen St. West.  Thank me with a dozen of those Donuts.

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