Monday, January 24, 2011


Still from Doritos Commercial
I've got to hand it to Doritos for pushing the envelope. Parent Company Frito-Lay has leaked two Gay-themed Television Spots which are tentatively set to air during the Super Bowl on FOX, February 6, 2011.

One Spot has one Man staring at his two Gay neighbours longingly as they snack on a Salsa Verde Doritos by the pool. His Wife then shows up, seeing him lick his lips and looks absolutely bewildered at this startling discovery.  

Watch below:

The second Spot has two Men sitting side-by-side in a Sauna and one of them keeps staring between the other's legs. Finally he goes in for the grab when we realize, surprise! There's a big bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos between his freakin' legs!  We then see one ask the other, "You like that?". 

Watch below:

Brilliant. Everyone will be talking about Doritos after this - positive or negative buzz, that remains to be seen still. I just hope this doesn't do for them what controversy did to Janet Jackson after Nipplegate with 2004's Super Bowl

Are these Commercials too spicy for you?

UPDATE: Doritos has confirmed that these two Ads are actually entries from their recent Crash the Super Bowl Contest in which people were invited to craft their own Commercials, with the winning entry airing during the coveted chance for exposure. They will not be airing as confirmed by The AdvocateClick here to read more.

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