Monday, December 27, 2010


Amy Poehler & Mr. Will-W.
Toronto's v. own Funnyman Will Arnett brought the Family home for the Holidays, arriving just before Christmas Eve. And in case you forgot, his lovely Wife is none other than equally funny Emmy-nominated Amy Poehler, known best for her stellar work on NBC's Saturday Night Live. I spotted Arnett out on a Coffee Break at Starbucks in Yorkville, after watching over his two sons Archie and Abel, while Poehler was out doing a bit of shopping earlier.

Incredibly nice, I mentioned his hilarious Tweets on Twitter last night, chatting with Fans while appearing to be under the influence of a Molson or three. A big Fan of his work on Blades of Glory, 30 Rock, Arrested Development and latest Fox series Running Wilde, Arnett was appreciative of the praise and appears still to be the humble Toronto Boy he truly is at heart. Kindly, he posed for a Photo with some pouty lip action in full force.

Will Arnett & Mr. Will-W.
Shortly after, Arnett and Poehler came down to their Hotel Lobby, waiting for their Driver to show-up. Adorable Archie could be seen sporting his Winter Coat through the window, sitting between Mom and Dad. Throwing a wave over to Poehler, she waved back - just as vivacious and animated as she appears on-screen. "Oh my God, you must be freezing!", she called out to me, gesturing to come closer. Poehler mentioned how much fun she had in the City just relaxing despite the bone-chilling temperatures. And at that moment Arnett signaled that their Driver was ready to go. Graciously, she thanked me for my support and posed for a quick Photo - all smiles. Doesn't she look sweet and lovely even with little Make-up?

Poehler is at work currently on NBC's Parks & Recreation and will be appearing vocally in 2011's Alvin & The Chipmunks 3-D, the next installment of the wildly successful animated Feature Film franchise.

Both Arnett and Poehler signed a 5x7 Photo for one of my lucky readers. To qualify for the win, please leave a Comment why Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are the funniest Couple ever. One winner will be selected February 1, 2011 at random. All are welcome to enter. Good luck, Mavenati!

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Well, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett separately are funny to the likes of which the world has never seen. But combined? It's like one massive happy family couple of hilarity. It's like when somebody combined Bacon and Beef and created the Baconator. Except, instead of a sandwich, it's a powerful comedy team of amazing voice and powerful delivery.

  2. They were super funny as a couple in Blades Of Glory!

  3. Amy was brilliant on SNL - leaving behind a legacy of hilarious characters that will be missed. Will stood out on Arrested Development as comic actor that showed alot of promise. Both have great timing and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make us laugh. Imagine having them as your parents?

  4. I think they are the funniest couple ever due to their independent forces of total awesomeness. Amy is one of the best comedians today. She has always had a strong presence in her work (Esp. in Upright Citizens Brigade. Surrounded by a bunch of dudes, her performance really stood out.) But also she's kind of a strong figure for all female comedians(along with Tina Fey). But Amy has said a lot inspirational stuff. Will on the other hand is just brilliant. There hasn't been a role of his that I haven't liked. Just looking at Gob Bluth, he completely morphed that character into one that will definitely be remembered. He has perfect comedic timing and just his over-all presence brings a smile to my face. NOW, combine those two forces and you get something beyond comedy gold. Displayed in Blades of Glory and Parks and Recreation, these two can create hilarious things no other couple can.


  5. Blades of Glory is such a funny movie. They work so well together as a couple and as individuals. Love them!