Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Still from True Grit
Her name is popping up everywhere of late. Hailee Steinfeld is only 13 years-old and hails from Los Angeles. Before the slew of Award nominations she has been receiving for her role as Mattie Ross in The Coen Brother’s upcoming True Grit remake, she was known mostly for roles on obscure Teen Movies and a K-Mart Television Ad. Steinfeld’s character avenges the death of her Father in the Film, which opens December 22, 2010 via Paramount Pictures. From K-Mart to the Oscars. Thus, is the American Dream.

Just these past few days, Steinfeld has received Awards for Best Supporting Actress from the Southeastern and Toronto Film Critics Associations, in addition to the Indiana Film Journalist Association. Also, she has just been nominated too for a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress and Best Young Performer. Although shut-out of a Golden Globe nomination (announced earlier today), it’s still early and we shouldn’t be surprised to see her pop-up for an Oscar nomination.

(Photo credit: Paramount Pictures)

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