Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Poor Susan Boyle. Everyone's talking about her performance of O Holy Night yesterday on The View where a minute into the song, it appears she had choked on some Saliva, then requesting another go at it. Someone neglected to tell her this was Live Television. It happens to every Singer, trust me, but from my days as a Performer, the first Rule of Thumb is to keep the show going. The Audience often appreciates it more when you pick up and fight your way to the finish after a Goof-up.

Sheryl Crow visited The View today and voiced her empathy, "My heart goes out to her. The same thing happened to me on Letterman many years ago when I was performing Strong Enough. Everyone knows it's freezing in there!".

Having sold over 650,000 copies of her second album The Gift in two weeks, I doubt that Boyle is at all down on herself. This is her second consecutive number one-selling album on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart.  A Fool could only dream of obtaining that level of success.

Let's re-live yesterday's moment again, shall we?

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