Sunday, December 19, 2010


The Social Network DVD
Mark your calendars!  Timed perfectly for the Oscars voting period, David Fincher's The Social Network will see a DVD release here in North America on January 11, 2011 via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  The current frontrunner in the race for Best Picture follows a strategy similar to that of Paul Haggis' Crash, which was released theatrically ahead of Awards season and timed also with a DVD release right around the crucial voting period.  The Film went on to win Best Picture in 2006 over favoured Brokeback Mountain (Ang Lee).

The Social Network's release mid-January would be beneficial in numerous ways in that all the buzz it is getting right now will be great of Sales and Rentals of the Film.  At the same time, the frequent advertising and mentioning of its release would aid in its cause for staying visible in the 6,000+ Academy Voters' collective consciousness.

Crafty/sneaky or whatever you like to call it - I'm so up for owning this one on DVD.  Can't wait to watch the abundance of Featurettes on the Two-Disc edition of the DVD, including a full-length Documentary about the making of the The Social Network, its Scoring and Commentary with Fincher & Cast.

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