Sunday, December 19, 2010


Jeff Bridges on Saturday Night Live
Okay, everybody goes on about how hot Helen Mirren (65) is for someone in her Senior years, but I hereby am lobbying for Jeff Bridges (61) to be considered the new Poster Boy for Sexiest Senior honours.  Well technically, he is just a few years shy of actually meeting the requirement, but still....

Seriously, he looks amazing and dare I say - hot -  just now also hitting his best stride as an Actor, having won Best Actor at the Oscars earlier this year for Crazy Heart.  Above this, he still continues to get top billing in prominent Films like TRON:Legacy and the upcoming remake of True Grit from The Coen Brothers.  Now who says Hollywood entirely is Ageist?

For those of you who missed Bridges on NBC's Saturday Night Live last night, which he hosted, you must watch this hilarious Skit he did titled Jeff'd.  The spoof on Ashton Kutcher'Punk'd has him going around re-visiting some of his famous Co-Stars of the past, but instead playing incredibly lame and tame pranks on them.  He actually comes across v. endearing in the way a Child can find hours of endless entertainment on end in a new joke they picked-up from the Schoolyard.  It's safe to say he put previous weeks' barely funny Paul Rudd, Robert DeNiro and Scarlett Johansson to shame.

Watch Jeff'd below:

(Photo/Video credit: NBC)

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