Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Resisting the three separately-released installments of Robyn's Body Talk has been a bit of a battle for me, but I waited and it paid off as Universal Music is now releasing the best selections from each disc, on one complete album. And is it ever worth it!

I love Robyn and despite my honest opinion being that Parts 1-3 of Body Talk were hindered by  too much filler and unnecessary Mixes, this Disc gives us only the best and what we have here is a Tour-de-Force Collection even stronger than the Swede's excellent self-titled 2008 re-introduction to North American audiences.

Robyn has mastered the art of Dance Floor-ready Electro Pop, hitting all key marks including melody, hook and the irresistible seduction of Melancholy. Dancing On My Own, Indestructible and Time Machine are Pop Gems and it is a shame that the first two never caught-on with mainstream audiences in North America.   

Fembot, I have always been fond of with its witty futurism and along with U Should Know Better (ft. Snoop Dogg), crosses the boundaries of Urban and Alternative - a rare feat only few contemporaries like M.I.A. have been able to achieve.  Robyn though, has done it with continual critical acclaim and the undying loyalty of her Fans.  Call Your Girlfriend is unique in that it is a Break-Up Song she has written for her new love interest's Girlfriend.  And since Robyn does it so nicely, how can you blame her for the bit of Homewreckery?

Inimitable.  Groundbreaking.  Effortless.  Robyn Body Talk is one of the year's finest and it will be released through Universal Music on November 22, 2010Grade: A+

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