Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Although she certainly took her time with it, Canadian Pop-Rocker Fefe Dobson finally is releasing her official sophomore disc Joy. The album named no doubt in celebration of finally being able to get some new music out to her many loyal Fans who like me, have waited patiently. Seven-plus years, to be precise.

Although the hard-rocking I Want You surfaced in my Inbox a while back possibly to fetch reactions, what many Fans want to hear most is Dobson being faithful to that youthful brand of Pop Rock they have come to love her for. Joy, thus, is about balancing her own creative integrity with the needs of Fans and Radio Programmers.

The first half of the 13 track-set is where the Hits are situated. First single Ghost which already is a hit in Canada, throws a bit of Electro into the Rock mix - a recipe which Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Katy Perry seem to have made a staple of. The track sets the tone for a while dwelling on the theme of Infidelity. Thanks for Nothing really should have been chosen as a second single over Stuttering based on catchiness alone, but perhaps you'll have to listen to the album and make that decision yourself. You Bitch well, is one part a warning to that Girl who led Dobson's Boyfriend astray and one part emotional release for her... but all in good fun, of course.

The second half of Joy is marked by the tuning of a Dial and this is where we see the Artist's true colours and anyone with an ear can hear that this is the place she calls Home and really pours it on. Watch Me Move and I Want You, both alarmingly short, have a Punk Rocker's swagger and flare. The album's one Rock Ballad In Your Touch is magical in its hindsight wisdom and those feelings of resentment and anger we heard earlier on the disc somehow get resolved. If you compare this track to her earlier work of the same vein like Everything, it really is quite amazing how far she has progressed both vocally and as a Songwriter. The album's title track is a fitting closer to this labour of love. 

Dobson has fought and amazingly has survived after some false starts and false ends. I really hope though that Fans will be around to listen to her Story.  Joy hits stores November 23, 2010 in Canada and the following week in the U.S. via Universal Music. Grade: A-

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  1. I can't wait for this to hit the States!

  2. Great review. I love Fefe and am super stoked to get the album next week!

  3. I bought her first. the second which was awesome and should of definitely been released. And her new album is great. Love you Fefe as much as young girls like Justin Bieber. LOL