Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Candace Cameron Bure Tweets a Post by Mr. Will-W.

.... and this is why exactly I do what I do. How sweet of Candace Cameron Bure (@CandaceCBure) to Tweet my Write-up about her from Sunday night to her legions of fans on Twitter today!

I Blog to share things I love with the World and every time a Celebrity or their PR recognizes my work, I feel a great rush of Pride and Joy. I don't do this for Money.  I do it only for the love of Pop Culture and it is my committment to you to bring you exciting things.

My Niece Emily asked me this weekend, "Uncle, are you a Paparazzi?". I began to think about this some more after I went home and brushed my teeth, because it seems to be a question I get asked often.  And if my own Niece had to ask this, I feel that maybe it's necessary for me to clarify where I stand on the matter to you. 

So to answer the question that seems to be on many of your minds, no I am not some "Wannabe Paparazzi". I do have great respect for them and the hard work they do keep our Para-Social Relationships with Celebrities alive. Quite simply, anyone with a pair of eyes and the will to understand should be able to differentiate quite easily that what I do is different. Just scroll down.... you'll get it :')


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