Sunday, November 7, 2010


Candace Cameron Bure & Mr. Will-W.
Yes, it's really her! Candace Cameron Bure is currently in-town to support her Husband, former Hockey Star Valeri Bure as he competes for top honours on CBC's Battle of the Blades. The popular Reality Show has prominent names from the National Hockey League pairing up with professional Figure Skaters in choreographed performances, in which Canadians decide who goes on to win the Competition. In case your memory is still a little foggy and you're trying to make sense of why her name is so familiar, I only have two magic words for you. FULL HOUSE ....or how about D.J. TANNER?!

Now residing in Los Angeles with her Husband and three Children, Cameron Bure has flown in to Toronto on a few occasions already and today she Tweeted about her love for Richtree Market (also known as Marché) where she had an early Lunch, prior to watching her Husband's rehearsal.

After having been relatively quiet since her star shined bright on ABC's Full House for eight seasons, Cameron Bure married her Husband a year after the show ended in 1995, focusing on building a Family. She only recently returned to Television in 2009 on ABC's Gymnastics Drama Series Make It or Break It; the show is currently in its second season.

Looking better than ever, Cameron Bure greeted a few happy Fans on her way back from tonight's Battle of the Blades taping and was ever so sweet to pose for Photos and sign a couple Autographs.  Her daughter Natasha smiled as she watched Fans show adoration for her Mom.

Just putting this out there because I know how many of us grew up loving Full House as Kids - I may just may have an extra Autograph to give away to one Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven reader who can tell me about their favourite episode of the popular Sitcom in the Comments section below.  You have until December 1, 2010 midnight to leave a response.  One winner will be picked at random.  Good luck!

And don't forget to follow Cameron Bure on Twitter as she's v. active there.

See more of Cameron Bure below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. So many good epi's but i remember the one when DJ skipped out of school to go meet Stacey Q the singer.

  2. My favourite episode was the one where they go shopping and see a sign that says "buy now, pay later", not realizing you needed to have a credit card to do that - and they end up stealing the sweater by accident!

  3. my favorite moment of full house is when Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky are married and Uncle Jesse starts to move into her apartment. During his walk out of the house you see Michelle sad on her bed. Uncle Jesse comes to say goodbye and Michelle gives him her stuff pig. Then when he walks lout of the room you see them both sweet!!

  4. my favourite episode is when DJ wanted to get a pet horse :)