Sunday, October 24, 2010


Still from Paranormal Activity 2
Outdoing its predecessor which only was released a year ago, Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2 opened huge this weekend with an estimated total of $43.5 million from 3,216 theatres.  The film now holds the record as the highest grossing R-Rated Midnight Opening of all-time, raking in $6.3 million Thursday night, according to Nikki Finke at DeadlineParanormal Activity, made for only a budget of $15k, opened with $19.6 million last Fall and went on to earn $193.3 million worldwide.  Impressively, the film's sequel received fairly strong reviews also, with a 67% consensus at Rotten Tomatoes.

Last week's champion Jackass 3-D also from Paramount, slips to second with an estimated $21.5 million at the Box Office.  It opened last week with a spectacular $50 million and continues to perform strongly, as does Summit Entertainment's Action Flick Red filmed partly here in Toronto.  Red earned $15.2 million this weekend, bringing its domestic total to $43.6 million.

Clint Eastwood's Hereafter had an uncharacteristically weak opening in fourth spot for the iconic filmmaker, earning $12 million from 2,181 theatres.  The Warner Bros. film also is garnering mixed reviews from Critics, with a 51% rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Audiences are still in-love with David Fincher's The Social Network which in its fourth week slips to fifth spot with $7.2 million based on early weekend numbers, putting it just ahead of Disney's Secretariat which is performing steadily, just now recouping its $35 million production budget.

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  1. I think that the first one was all real. they all say it's a movie to discredit the reality of paranormal stuff!
    Have you see this video on you tube
    She says that she is an actress but it looks a bit to reel for me!
    The truth is that Hollywood is principal key of the big conspiracy!!!
    wake up people the paranormal is reel and right in your face!!!