Sunday, October 24, 2010


Bryan Adams at MTV Canada
One of Canada's greatest male artists ever, Bryan Adams, flew in to Toronto this evening to do a quick performance at MTV Canada for its sister network Bravo's Live at the Concert Hall series.  Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, the Grammy, Golden Globe and Juno Award winner is now promoting his new acoustic album Bare Bones, a first from label Decca.  The Album containing 20 of his biggest hits re-recorded with pared-down arrangements, is due in stores November 16, 2010.  Earlier in the year, Adams completed a World Tour in which he performed these new versions of his classics.

Outside the venue, the intimate audience could be heard clapping and cheering loudly for Adams during the hour-long set, before capping off the performance with 2002 hit Back to You.  As per Adams' Driver, I was advised that he would be in a rush to head off to the Airport after the show. Upon leaving the venue, Adams could be seen trying to finish a post-performance snack of a Banana. With a small group of fans waiting about for Autographs, Adams entered his Town Car before rolling down his window to personalize items passed his way.

One male fan asked Adams if he could simply just sign a photo without a personalization on it, to which he replied, "What's your name?  I'm not going to sign it if it's not to you".  Capping it off at one Autograph per fan, Adams' Driver proceeded to drive off, leaving a few fans disappointed.  Luckily, I got my copy of his 1993 Best-of Collection So Far So Good personalized, despite Adams admitting that his own signature isn't much to look at.  Love him nonetheless!

The broadcast of Adams' Bravo appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST, allowing for plenty of time for post-production and touching-up. You can refer to their website for more details  (thanks Kelly!).

Expressing a bit of displeasure at one fan trying to photograph him ("Get that damn Camera out of my face"), these are the best shots I could get of Adams as he would continually block shots with Fan Memorabilia.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. "He's been able to touch people all over the world," ... "with her songs."

  2. I as at the taping. The show airs December 14/10 at 9pm on Bravo TV.

  3. well thanks to YOU and the person you were with, is the reason a few fans were disappointed.

  4. Oh please, sister. Don't even go there. I more than politely obliged to a couple ladies who wanted to get in to see Bryan. I'm sorry if you missed your opportunity, but in all fairness I couldn't get a ticket to the show and cued for a spot at 5:30. Please don't express your blame at me as in these situations it is about 1) Luck 2) Your Own Assertiveness.

    Bryan was more than kind to spend 5 minutes with fans when it was clear he was in a hurry to get to the Airport.

    And if you are publicly going to discredit someone, at least don't do it anonymously. I am proud of the work I do here and I do not disrespect people. Even Bryan himself Tweeted my photo of him if there was any doubt.

    All the best.