Monday, October 4, 2010


Rocking that gorgeous silver-tinged blonde wig we saw on the cover of Vanity Fair recently, Lady Gaga helped remember John Lennon at a tribute concert Saturday night. The show was held at Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles and she performed alongside Yoko Ono's We Are Plastic Band. Gaga first heard from Ono last fall after performing Lennon's Imagine at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Washington, DC. Ono was said to be v. touched by Gaga's performance for the event in support of Gay Rights and Gaga said that receiving a call from Ono was "the most exciting thing ever", citing that Ono is her Idol. The two have been in-touch since and joined together for the first time on-stage this weekend.

Although the results were a little mixed, check out Gaga and Ono together on-stage performing The Sun is Down from her most recent album Between My Head and the Sky below:

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