Sunday, September 26, 2010


Eva Longoria Parker at TIFF 2005 for Harsh Times
What was Eva Longoria Parker doing on the night of the season premiere of ABC's Desperate Housewives?  Girl was in Toronto!  

Many don't realize that other than being a catty former Model-turned-Adulterer on the show, that lovely Longoria Parker actually does quite a bit of Fund Raising.  This weekend she was in the city making the most of her time as Honorary Co-Chair of the Rally for Kids, raising money for Cancer Research.  The event was also Chaired by actor Hayden Christensen who we saw at TIFF just over a week ago!

How Rally for Kids works is that donors who are willing to put forth a minimum $25k donation, get the chance to participate in a Charity Auto Race called the Cancer Scavenger Cup, in a fancy ride with a Celebrity of their choice.  The Celebrities navigate them through various Pit Stops around the city and this year they included the likes of Eric Roberts, Bai Ling (!!!!), Lou Gosset Jr., Nikki Blonsky, Mya, Robin Antin and many others.  Check out the full list here.  The Rally takes place at various destinations throughout North America.

Longoria Parker and Christensen hosted a Gala at the historic Royal York Hotel also last night, prior to heading to an After-party at the Canadian National Exhibition's night club Muzik.  She also appeared at a Workshop earlier today for Beauty Professionals and handed out bottles of her new fragrance Eva in addition to an appearance on Virgin Radio.

The Toronto Sun has some great photos from the Cancer Scavenger Cup Kick-off yesterday.  Check them out here.  As a Cancer survivor myself, I have nothing but great respect for the cause and applaud Longoria Parker and Christensen for their dedication. It is said the Rally raised over $2.5 million this weekend alone. Leaps and bounds have been made due to ongoing Cancer research to allow many people like myself to be alive today.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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