Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Nigel Barker & Mr. Will-W.
America's Next Top Model Judge and noted Photographer Nigel Barker made a rare Toronto appearance today at Indigo Bookstore - Eaton Centre and a person or two must not have gotten the memo about it. Based on the popularity of the Model Search franchise, there should have been a much bigger turnout than the 100 or so fans who showed up.  Perhaps it was the rain or a lack of promotion?

Barker stepped on-stage at 7:00 PM looking a vision of Dapper in a black pinstripe suite and a black tie bearing the Benetton emblem, introducing his new book Beauty Equation.  The book gives tips on how we can all become more beautiful through tapping into our inner-confidence. What inspired this book was his 4 year-old son Jack asking him one day, "Dad, what is beautiful?". He struggled to answer the question, replying "Your mother is beautiful". And so from here he decided to further examine what it is that makes people beautiful, touching upon his life experiences in the Fashion industry and world travels, more recently to Haiti.  The one unifying trait he found in "beautiful people" was not physical alone, it was confidence.  The more good we do for others, the more confidence we develop in ourselves.

The Englishman who now resides in New York City, fielded questions from the audience and even demonstrated tricks he sometimes uses with Celebrities when photographing them in order to get them to relax (Video below).  In addition, he indicated that it was  a dream of his to photograph Mother Theresa when she was alive, but he still aspires v. much to photograph a portrait of President Obama.  

Of course, Barker is v. tall in-person and gentlemanly; expressive with his hands and v. self-aware. As I much prefered he sign a photograph versus my copy of Beauty Equation, he obliged kindly and put his arm around my shoulder for out Photo Op.  I will never Dry Clean my jacket again.

Check out these amazing photos I got of handsome Barker earlier this evening at Indigo:

And while you're here, why not a little Video?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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