Wednesday, August 4, 2010


If he looks familiar, that's because he's pretty much been in everything. From guest roles on Sex and The City, Friends, Bones and Felicity, actor Eddie McClintock has finally found success as a Leading Man on SyFy Network's successful Warehouse 13. According to McClintock, the second season of filming wraps up this Friday. He plays Peter Lattimer, a Secret Service Agent known to bend the rules. Believe it or not, handsome McClintock got his start as an actor in his 30s and you'd never guess that the youthful looking actor is actually 43 year-old and a father of two.   Amazing.  He needs to "Secretly Service" some of those Tips over to me via e-mail.
I ran into McClintock at the end of a day of shooting recently, with the keen eye of a couple Secret Helpers. He was lugging an armful of Hardware but was still extremely gracious and friendly despite the struggle, posing for a photo with a few fans.  To learn more about Warehouse 13, visit its official site here.

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