Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Adam Levine is undisputedly one of the hottest men in Pop Music. The Maroon 5 Frontman has guided the band to over 15 million albums sold worldwide since their highly memorable debut back in 2002. Since then the band has only gone forward, never looking back, with smoldering sexy music videos and an infectious brand of soulful Pop-Rock which just as effectively moves people onto the Dance Floor as it does into the Bedroom.

The band is now set to release their third studio effort Hands All Over and touring in preparation of that album's release September 21, 2010. Although first single Robert "Mutt" Lange-produced Misery has been very steady in picking-up since its release in June, it is peaking currently at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. It will likely continue its way up the Chart in the coming weeks.

Arriving in Toronto last night for their show tonight at Molson Amphitheatre, I got to exchange some friendly words with the band members. Levine loves Toronto and proclaimed on his Twitter account upon arrival "Toronto....breathe it in !!!! Goes down smooth every time....", and when I spoke to him and co-founding band member Jesse Carmichael (sporting a much-improved haircut!) they were reflecting on an amazing five hour-long Sushi dinner they had at Cabbagetown's OMI earlier. The obscure spot is an odd choice for stars of Maroon 5's stature and would be known really to those familiar with the city. Other bandmates Matt Flynn, James Valentine and touring special guest Keyboardist P.J. Morton opted to do their own thing.

This was my second time meeting the alluring Levine and as expected, he's gracious and usually makes time for his fans, despite popular belief that he is arrogant.   Dressed simple and stylish in a Jean Jacket despite the heat, it was refreshing to see such a bona fide Rock Star completely sober and coherent sans scantily-clad Groupies clinging for dear life for their taste of fame.  And believe me, the boys of Maroon 5 easily have the choice of being those kind of guys. Before heading off, Levine told me I was very sweet and his Entourage all sent well wishes. Maroon 5 will be stopping off in Clarkston, Michigan tomorrow.

So this is the deal Mavenati, I have one gorgeous 6x8 photo signed by Levine, Carmichael and Valentine (seen above in Carmichael's hand) and you'd have to be absolutely ridiculous to not want it. To qualify for the win, please leave a comment with your favourite Maroon 5 track before midnight September 21, 2010. You must leave some way for me to reach you back as the winner will be e-mailed. All are welcome to enter.  Bon chance!

And why not check out their latest single Misery (audio content owned by Universal Music) below, while you're here too?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Favourite Maroon 5 track? - Nothing Lasts Forever :)

  2. it's a toss-up between "won't go home without you" & :She Will be loved. :)
    Veronica, you have me on facebook. I had nothing to get signed when we met him :(

  3. The Sweetest Goodbye - it's the first maroon 5 track I heard being played in a car by colin thwistle in Love, Actually - December 2003!! Then I saw the video for This Love and I was in love. I met Adam a few years back and he is very gracious and charming. We joked about gay weddings and how Elton hadn't invited him to his!

  4. BACK AT YOUR DOOR!!! NO DOUBT :) ive listened to it like a million times and i play it while i run all the time. unfortunately it was one of the songs they didnt play when i went to see them in concert :( anyway, my name is rose and you can email me at, thanks so much for the article !!

  5. ''She will be loved'',definetly.