Tuesday, August 3, 2010


When the person behind-the-scenes is grander than the project itself.... Here's a picture of Madonna at the set of W.E. in Paris, the which she is both Directing and Co-writing with Madonna - Truth or Dare Director Alek Keshishian. The film stars Abbie Cornish, who gained so much praise last fall for her performance in Bright Star.

W.E. is about a married British woman (Wally) who moves to New York.  Dissatisfied with her marriage, she falls in love with a Russian Security Guard, while also finding inspiration in the forbidden love story of King Edward VIII and a woman named Wallis Simpson. Production will take place in England, France and the U.S. Vera Farmiga, was once considered up for the role of Wally, but the part was offered to Cornish, as Farmiga is now expecting her second child.  Or perhaps Madonna saw The Orphan and changed her mind?

(Photo credit: Fame Pictures)

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