Monday, July 5, 2010


When you think of actress Toni Collette, you'd think talented, out-going and approachable, perhaps?  I'm sad to tell you that the Australian actress didn't quite make the grade in terms of Celebrity Niceness.  As reported earlier, I visited the set of Jesus Henry Christ earlier today, with the film approaching a wrap here in Toronto.  Believe me, I don't spread rumours about people.  I try my best to recount things as I see them, so you'll have to trust my word.

Well actually, Collette who stars as a Feminist Single Mother in the film, isn't completely awful with fans, but she could be a lot nicer.  When I Text Messaged my experience to other friends who have met her previously,  I was shocked that unfortunately they too had similar accounts.  "Chilly", "cold" and "standoffish" are adjectives I read on my Blackberry.  I'm devastated as you can tell because I love her acting, but after seeing her interact with fans today my opinion of her has changed.

On her way to the film's set today, she made it clear that she had more important things like having to go to the Loo in her Trailer rather than interacting with fans.  Finally deciding to put aside a minute, she  walked over to sign a few autographs, but interestingly she has a method to her style.  When asking her to personalize a dedication on photos of herself, she will only put a signature on it.  Plain and simple. If you hand her a white piece of paper, she'll write out a proper inscription, including an "Dear X - Love, Toni Collette", which I found odd. And don't bother asking for a photo with her. Toni don't do that.

So testing this theory further, I caught her a second time around and asked her politely if she could complete an inscription on my 8x10 "To Will".  Collette brushed me off and then turned around with a glare, asking in an American accent "We've spoken already today, haven't we?", before walking off.  In my years of meeting Celebrities, I've never been spoken to like that and never would I have guessed it would be Toni Collette to serve me a plate of those Ice Box Cookies.

The Crew was filming mostly protest scenes today with Background Actors seen parading about with signs which read "LESBIAN POWER!".  Collette was given the Megaphone< a few times, shouting out aggressively in her scenes. Maybe she was just getting into character?  I don't know....  Such a shame.

Check out these photos of her from the set of Jesus Henry Christ:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. OMG .... I am speechless re: Toni Collette. I am so disappointed !!!

  2. Where in Toronto is Jesus Henry Christ being shot? I'd love to see for myself.

  3. Michael Sheen was in this scene. He is the bearded guy behind Toni. He seems to be very nice and polite with fans. Try to ask him a sign.