Monday, July 5, 2010


He's everything I thought he would be.  The extremely talented and likable Michael Sheen is in-town right now filming Red Om Films' Jesus Henry Christ, which is about a boy who was conceived via a Pitri Dish and raised by his Feminist mother.  He then finds clues about his Father via a series of Sticky Notes.  Interesting enough.

I got to meet Sheen on his way to the film's set and graciously he came over and posed for a couple photos and did autographs with a few fans, giggling awkwardly at our excitement.  He of course was barely recognizable, explaining why there have been so few sightings of him around town.  Putting on a fair amount of weight and sporting some Make-up which ages him significantly, he plays a Professor in the film.  I love this man.  He is my new favourite actor and I cannot wait to see his performance in this.  He shook my hand graciously before heading off the set where he had to wear layered clothing in this sweltering heat.

More pics to be posted later this evening from my day at the set of Jesus Henry Christ.  Trust me, you'll want to see the goodies I got.

Check out some photos I got of Sheen below:
(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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