Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Filming started a couple days ago for Canadian actress/director Sarah Polley's latest film Take This Waltz, to be distributed by Mongrel Media. The casting for the film however, is dead-aimed at the Oscars with a dream ensemble including Academy Award-nominee Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman Williams has been getting a great amount of ink for her role in upcoming The Weinstein Co. production Blue Valentine.

I did have a chance to visit the set which is tucked away in Little Portugal, quiet enough yet still accessible to the city. Upon arrival, I could see Crew members in charge of Locations advising local residents to stay off their porches so not to be in the shot, as this particular scene was set at 5 AM. Low and behold, I could see a radiant Williams giggling with co-star Luke Kirby, with whom she develops feelings for in the film. Take This Waltz touches upon the question of fidelity as Williams' character (married to Rogen) is said to struggle with commitment.

Polley could be heard calling "Action!" and "Cut!" from around the corner as her and the Crew followed Williams and Kirby around the block multiple times on a Trolley. In this scene, Kirby could be seen pulling a Rickshaw, while Williams conversed with him on her feet.

By the end of the 12-hour work day, the Crew were tired, with a tray of snacks being offered by Craft Services, although many politely declined the offer. I walked over to say "hi" to Polley just before she had to go review Dailies and she was very friendly, asking if I lived in the area. She indicated that filming went well for the day and she was very pleased that I was excited about this film - I thanked her making it in Toronto.  She smiled graciously and thanked me back for coming by to visit with my friend Pam, then personalizing a couple photos for us.  This is how we conduct ourselves in Canada and I'm so proud of Polley for not letting her acclaim control her.

Check out some exclusive candid photos from the set below:

It is said filming in the area will go on for a couple weeks before moving onto the next location.  Filming wraps at the end of August.  You read about it here first.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. She's pretty awesome. Looking forward to the film. Love both the Sarahs and Rogen.