Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's official! Kylie Minogue's latest effort Aphrodite is an international success! Debuting at the top of the European Top 100, UK and Scottish Album Charts, the album also scored Top Ten debuts in her native Australia, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and of course Canada among many other countries.

Debuting in the U.S. Top 20, this album is Kylie's best faring since 2002's epic Fever. And that's with hardly any promotion stateside too, mind you. Come on Kylie, enough is enough! You're long overdue for a proper visit to Canada.

Congratulations! It's about time people woke the hell up.  Pop Goddess!!


  1. UK and Scotland? :-)

    We don't have an official Scottish chart, but Dannii Minogue 'famously' had a number 4 'Scottish hit' with You Won't Forget About Me, when the song impacted the national (British) chart at the lower target of 7.

    Kylie's made great impact so far - the real gem, single-wise, surely is going to be Get Outta My Way and I'm excited about that more than anything so far.

  2. I love Get Outta My Way!! Yes, apparently the Scottish and Irish have their own separate album charts versus the UK album Chart from what I gather. I had to do a double-take too when I read the tallies!