Wednesday, July 28, 2010


After filling Air Canada Centre this evening, Black Eyed Peas proved they could equally fill Muzik Night Club for their own After Party on Canadian National Exhibition grounds. Corporate sponsor Blackberry and the group's fans who purchased VIP Tickets to tonight's and tomorrow night's shows, were rewarded with a special DJ set from group members and It was surprising to see, the heart and soul of the Quartet, still full of energy, dancing and regularly giving shout-outs to Toronto in his 90 minute set which was a majority Electro, interspersed with '80s throwbacks.  His set had a recurring motif of I've Had The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing, which he sang with interesting Pitch Control.

The group's main vocalist Fergie however, was absent unfortunately at the Party, leaving Taboo and took turns greeting party-goers in the back Patio of the Club. Taboo, left the party shortly after 1:00 AM, while and continued to party-it-up.  I did get a chance to meet Taboo earlier in the evening (as seen above) and he was an absolute gentleman, I must say.  

Upon leaving the venue at 3:10 AM, and by-passed fans in waiting, while their v. confrontational Security Guard commented "I don't know what it is about Canadians and why they are so rude" when there was little disorder to be seen.  Meanwhile the two remaining group members headed straight into their Van with a few ladies seen dancing at the party earlier, in tow.  "Absolutely no photos, please", the Guard requested.  Right - gotcha.  Perhaps there may be truth in Team Perez after all?

Here are some photos of in action earlier this evening:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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