Tuesday, June 8, 2010


At long last director/photographer Steven Klein and Lady Gaga's collaboration Alejandro, has been unleashed upon the world at 12:00 PM EST and the results are ...interesting. 

Highly stylized and induglent at just under nine minutes, the video touches upon themes of forbidden love and temptation as Gaga writhes around in a variety of ensembles including the most dramatic contrast of Bra/Panties combo versus a Nun outfit.  Gaga resists the temptation of a very attractive group of male suitors, taking charge.  In some parts of the video we see the male in the submissive position in bed, while she assumes the dominant role.  Perhaps this all ties in with the ideology of self-empowerment and choice with Gaga having taken a very public vow of Celibacy recently?  I'm definitely not in love with the video, but cannot deny it is very well done. 

Watch Alejandro in full below:

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