Wednesday, June 9, 2010


They sure know how to throw a party! Capital C Marketing, which partnered together with Scotiabank for this year's CONTACT Photography Festival, threw a big appreciation bash for Toronto's Blogging Elite at the historic Gladstone Hotel earlier this evening. The festival which just wrapped up last week is a relatively new endeavour for Scotiabank, which is putting a great deal of focus in the sponsorship of cultural events in the city.  

This, alongside their partnership with movie magnate Cineplex has won me over completely and I too have switched over to them for my personal banking.  Joan, from Scotiabank (middle), in addition to Rachel (left) and Kim (right) from Capital C were ecstatic to hear this.  It is really a telltale sign how the community hungers for culture and that perhaps corporations aren't necessarily always about profit margins only. I want to do business with an organization I can be proud of and Scotiabank has nailed it in this regard.

Guests were treated to an Open Bar which served the evening's signature cocktail, The Scotia Rose, a lovely icy concoction with a Strawberry and Rosewater base plus a splash of Gin, garnished with a Rose Petal. Loveliness. And the food just wouldn't quit.  Juicy Mini Burgers, Grilled Shrimp Cocktail, Samosas, Grilled Skewers, Scallops Wrapped in Prosciutto, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Smoked Salmon Wraps, Fried Rice/Cheese Balls, Cupcakes and more were served by the platter in heaps.  I wish I brought Tupperware.

Providing lots of fun was GetFlipped Canada, which made instant Hologram Luggage Tags/Fridge Magnets (seen above) for guests as keepsakes. An iPad was even given away to one lucky blogger, an extremely giddy Catriona Smart of In addition, a pair of Abel Muñoz shoes was given away to another lucky female blogger. The shoe designer was in attendance and I got to chat with him briefly about his collection over Cupcakes.  Mmm.

Muñoz who has resided allover South America, including Argentina, divides his time right now between Toronto and Milan, where his luxuriant shoes are manufactured. He only recently spent four months there working on his Collection and showcased tonight were his Fall/Winter 2010 Collection crediting inspirations like Marie Antoinette and Barbarella. He believes that in Fashion, "people choose the Designers, the Designers don't always choose the people." He doesn't design for any particular demographic or age group of woman persay, but he does believe in bold, feminine flare, hinting that his forthcoming Spring/Summer 2011 Collection which will feature even higher heels and only a handful of designs. Canada's premiere Fashion Maven Jeanne Beker, a friend of Muñoz's, is a huge fan of his shoes and his Collection is featured currently on Fashion Bible Women's Wear Daily. Amazing.  His shoes are available exclusively at high-end retailer George C in Yorkville here in Toronto.

One of the party's showpieces, also featured at the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, was that of friendly Jalani Morgan.  Morgan's obsession with Hip Hop Culture and its most recognizable mascot, The Ghetto Blaster, is manifested in this piece below.  He described to me the process of printing his work on Canvas, then having additional paint work incorporated into this collaboration.  In person, the piece contained many complex layers and a life-like texture, brought out especially in the Speakers of the Ghetto Blaster on the Canvas.  Seen posing below, Morgan has photographed the likes of Juno winner Lights and the cast of MTV Canada's 1 Girl, 5 Gays.   His work along with that of many other local photographers, will be featured at Life Cycles - A Photography and Custom Vintage Bicycle Exhibit running June 8-20, 2010 at 52 McCaul.  More details here.

Thank you once again Capital C Marketing for a wonderful time!   It was delicious in more ways than one. 

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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