Saturday, June 19, 2010


Aside from Katy Perry, the one person I want to see most is Miley Cyrus at this year's MMVAs.  The teen multimedia mogul could be seen on a barricaded Queen St. today rehearsing latest single Can't Be Tamed with a large group of dancers and she actually sounded quite good.  I will try to capture a video of her rehearsal tomorrow.  And yes, you all know how much I liked her new album.

On her way out of today's Soundcheck, she could be seen holding hands with Australian actor boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who I was one of the lucky few to get in close with.  Quite literally, I was so starstruck by Cyrus that I couldn't even find my Sharpie.  That is, until Cyrus' manager mother, Tish lent me hers.  Thanks Mom.  How embarrassing.   Handsome Hemsworth however, was very patient with me despite my little spell of distraction.

And before you could say "Hannah Montana", a Fedora-wearing Cyrus hopped back into her Escalade after signing a couple autographs.  Please send some positive vibes over this way!  Perhaps tomorrow will be the day I get my wish.

Cyrus has been very incognito since arriving in town last night, leaving her Hotel through underground tunnels and not going anywhere without her entourage, which includes her mother, sister and boyfriend. Our friends at Canadian Tabloid got some shots of her and Hemsworth after dining at The Keg Mansion last night, completely going unnoticed.  Oh, Young Love.

I'm going to get showered quickly and head off to party with Celebrity DJ Chew Fu and his people in a bit, getting some official photos from an MMVAs Pre-Party.  I am exhausted!  I need an Espresso.  Make it a Double.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. did you get any of miley signing for the fans?