Saturday, June 19, 2010


Adam Lambert debuted his new Rihanna-esque hairstyle for Toronto at his Soundcheck this afternoon on Stage Right at MuchMusic's headquarters on Queen St.  He also donned an interesting glittery insert in his left ear, perhaps to serve a stylistic purpose or practical purpose in distorting noise to act as a monitor of his mixdown... or both.

In typical Diva form, Lambert demanded the sound be perfect,  running through the opening bars of his hit Whataya Want From Me repeatedly over a 30 minute span, before appearing content with the results.  Lambert then left the venue for the KISS FM Wham Bam concert at Molson Amphitheatre featuring openers Kardinal Offishall, Fefe Dobson, Orianthi and more.

Check out more shots of his new hair below.  Are you feelin' it?

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. I don't think I'm feeling the hair at all. It's kind of a weird unfinished mohawk. I love the one bare side, anyway!

  2. Actually....he debuted it on June 15, at the Milwaukee, WI stop of his Glam Nation tour.

    Like it or hate it? Well, I'd prefer him with ALL of his hair, but if this is what he likes, then this is how he'll wear it. What we think about his look, matters not to Adam, and rightly so. As long as HE'S happy with how he looks, is what hatters.

  3. Funny how having a work ethic = Diva.


  4. I was an English teacher, so connotation is important to me. DEMANDED sounds like Adam was being rude or overbearing instead of what he always is, a perfectionist. That is why he SINGS when he performs and does not lip-synch. He DEMANDS much of himself and requests that others help him accomplish his goal.

  5. LOL that insert is an in ear monitor for the sound mix. Naturally Adam's is more blinged up than the typical flesh toned ones commonly used, because duh it's ADAM.

    When musicians perform, the sound that goes into the audience is called the "house mix," and it is balanced to produce the best sound for the audience. But musicians need to hear themselves in order to sing properly, especially a live singer like Adam who often improvises on the spot, and a common solution is to have a custom earpiece fitted to their ear, attached to a receiver in their pocket or on their back. So the sound engineer does a separate mix for the singer and sometimes the individual band members as well, to let them hear themselves and everyone else in the band properly.

    Adam commonly works painstakingly during soundcheck to tweak everything to work right specifically for each venue, all in order to make sure the audience gets the best possible performance from him.

  6. I adore anything he does. the hair is hot and the sound has to be the best not only for him and the band but what he cares about

  7. It looks pretty cool, kinda like an emo-ey/mohawk thing :D