Friday, June 11, 2010


Attention, Charice Fans! It was my pleasure to speak about Charice's Toronto visit on Charice Fan Talk with hosts DJ Drake and Eve of Charicemania. The segment will air tomorrow night on BlogTalkRadio between 10-11 PM EST/7-8 PM PAC and the theme of the show will be "Charice Takes Over Toronto".  

Previous guests on the show include Charice's Manager Marc Johnson and Publicist Liz Rosenberg, whose clientele includes the likes of Madonna. I'm honoured to be in such fine company.

Links are below:

To get up to speed with my recent exclusive Charice coverage, please click here.  Enjoy, Chasters!  

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Thank you Will! DJ Drake and I really enjoyed talking to you all about our favorite singer, Chariceeee!! What a sweetheart she is, in public and behind the cameras as well.

    Eve @Charicemania

  2. Thanks Eve! I appreciate the opportunity. Was wonderful chatting about this very exciting young talent :')


  3. Will thank you so much for your time and insight. We both enjoyed the talk and I hope you will come back on FanTalk.

  4. it was a great interview mr. will!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. A rather late post about the interview which I just listened to a few days ago.

    Your point about album and single sales in the so-called 'internet age' was what was impressed on me. I hope this fact will be appreciated by fans as it is no longer a phenomenon but a way by which music -- its distribution and personal enjoyment -- has been and will be determined in the years to come.

    More importantly, it also means that artists will have to work even harder than they already do to get a piece of the sales pie, so to speak.

    I enjoyed the discussion you had back there. Thanks for sharing your time.