Monday, May 31, 2010


With all the controversy surrounding Facebook and the issue Privacy of late, a group  and website have surfaced urging users users to quit the social networking website.  May 31, 2010 (today), is Quite Facebook Day.  

Recently, Facebook has made it mandatory for users to include items like music/film/reading preferences and education information, making it easier for advertisers to target its users.  Also, information like our names, our friends, the city/town we reside in and our pictures are all on our  public profiles by default.

Although I totally get the fact that Facebook perhaps is pushing the envelope a little here, one thing I'd like to remind us is that any time we post something online publicly, it becomes public domain.  With the click of "Copy" and "Paste" or "Save Image As", anything can be reproduced and shared.  This is common sense, people.  If you would rather remain "private", it's as simple as this - do not create a public profile.  Simple.  I am unsure why the issue of Privacy is being raised this late in the game.  

On a personal note, I love Facebook. Sure, it is not without it's faults.  Of late I am finding I have a hard time receiving my friends' updates and photos unless what they post is considered "Top News". On the whole though, the site has reconnected me with many friends and family, assisting me greatly as a networking tool.  I like to maintain a strong online presence and have nothing to hide.  As sad as it seems, I don't recall what life was like before Facebook and I hope it's here to stay for a good while longer.

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