Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hazelton Hotel's One restaurant has usurped Yorkville's throne of The Place to be Seen and Stargaze in this city.  Spring/summertime is where the restaurant thrives with its gloriously posh patio of well-dressed Clientele.  It is no mystery to those in-the-know that the likes of Kylie Minogue, Daniel Craig, Emily Blunt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael Bublé and John Mayer are among the many of late who have walked through those famous doors guarded by not one, but two Doormen.

On my second visit today with one of my BFFs Habeyah, I was met yet again with an air of, "Yes, you're welcome for being here" by the restaurant's Hostess after inquiring if we could have a seat on the Patio.  Clearly, there were tables available but the Hostess "didn't think so, but would have to check."  Last time I visited, in April, I was frowned upon for wanting a table mid-day to have only Dessert (a delectable Key Lime-Coconut Crumble) and a Cappuccino to which a gracious and handsome Bartender apologized profusely about afterwards.  Clearly, I love the abuse which is why I return for more.

Today for Brunch, I ordered Steak and Eggs and for $21, the plate was of decent value considering what other competitors in the area like the excellent Café Morocco are charging.  Topped with a creamy, almost Pesto-like Green Sauce, the Steak was delicately seasoned, juicy and tender.  The only thing missing was Toast to dip into the Sunnyside-Up Eggs.  Actually, upon browsing the restaurant's Breakfast/Brunch Menu helmed by celebrity Chef Mark McEwan, there were many desirable (yet affordable) options including Shrimp & Grits, Chocolate Brioche French Toast w/ Maple Cream, Crisp French Waffles w/ Maple Butter Cream and Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs, etc.   Either that or pay $8 for a Croissant, albeit a v. good Croissant I'm sure.

Servers were attentive and friendly, while a gentleman with a freshly-baked Bread Basket with three Baguette options, solicited us on multiple occasions to ensure we were meeting our Daily Carbohydrate Intake.  How thoughtful and delightfully pre-Atkins.  Some of the restaurant's Clientele however, were difficult and this is inevitable when dining in Yorkville, where money doesn't always equate to class or etiquette.  One gentleman raised a fuss about being seated by a Serving Station, although his partner didn't seem to mind.  Another woman, a new mother with baby in tow, was sitting in the Smoking Section of the Patio, yet complaining of her neighbours smoking.  Go figure.

The restaurant serves possibly one of the most satisfying cups of Coffee (French-Pressed, I believe) in this city, re-fillable at $4 a cup.  Dark, aromatic, full-bodied - almost Espresso-like.  Although when quizzing our server as to which brand of Coffee it was, we were kept in suspense only being told it was Colombian.  One (116 Yorkville Ave.) is a definitive must-try for Brunch this summer.

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