Sunday, May 16, 2010


Although I've reviewed the theatrical release of Céline Through the Eyes of the World previously, I want to draw your attention to how fantastic a release this is.  The DVD version of the documentary adds a bonus hour of footage not seen before as the Canadian diva goes from city to city on her worldwide Taking Chances Tour.  I regret sincerely not having gone to this tour as the footage seen in this documentary is absolutely stunning.  Dion puts on a fantastic, tightly-tuned show.  On the DVD you see Chinese fans serenading her with To Love You More on the street, Dion singing in Japanese, additional interviews with foreign media and more of her interacting with her crew and fans.  Completely and utterly boring on paper, but remarkably mesmerizing on your TV screen. In case you don't have three hours to sit through this DVD, you have the option of scrolling by country to get to the bits you love most. How thoughtful.

Interestingly this release is made available through Sony Music and not its Home Video division.  Stéphan Laporte's Céline Through the Eyes of the World is now in stores and available separately is the actual Taking Chances Tour CD/DVD set.  Grade: A

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