Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So I've been following Christina Aguilera's promotional campaign for new album Bionic and I cannot stress enough the importance of post-secondary education.  While recording an interview and performance last week at Radio City Hall for Oprah, she indicated how being a mother has made her feel even sexier about her body. "As women, our bodies go through such amazing things and we are superhuman...  we give life, we give birth, we are our child's source of everything. Our bodies are not our own for a time period.... but then when we get them back, you feel that much stronger."  I'm not quite sure that's a common sentiment amongst most women, but she seems to have written the book on Motherhood.  

What's even more disturbing is amidst criticism against her overtly sexual image since becoming a new mother, she mentioned today on Entertainment Tonight: "my sexuality is something that is a part of me and I will never hide it."   Reportedly, her sex life is even better now she claims. In Press Releases through Sony Music she's gone on about how "fresh and sexy" this new album will be, while on the same token saying that this album is completely dedicated to and inspired by her son Max.  Uhh... that's just disgusting, sorry. I'm just not seeing the connection between birthing a child and the need to parade around in bondage gear. It's a bit of a hard-sell.

Aguilera sings about "kissing boys and the girls" as a married woman and goes on all-out Festival of Moanery for half of new single Not Myself Tonight  and I haven't even gone into the Music Video, which is an exxxperience in itself.  I'm no prude but Aguilera just makes me want to bust out my old confused Chinese man accent and go, "Waa daa hell you tawking aboww?".

Is it just me or is Aguilera milking (pardon the pun) this Motherhood thing a little too much?


  1. Xtina is one of those people who has this idea that she is the first person to experience anything. Because, you know, very few people know about or have thoughtfully articulated the process of being a mom.

    [eyerolls all around]

    She is really pathetic right now. And her hair ages her.

  2. Love the honesty! They really should push back the release of Bionic. It's a misfire.