Thursday, April 29, 2010


After having held-out on the Japanese import of Lady Gaga’s The Remix recently, North American fans like me are rewarded handsomely for our wait with this stellar 17-track collection’s domestic pressing. The previously reviewed version of the disc includes remixes of the pop sensation’s first six singles only, while a European pressing improved upon that slightly shortly after.   This version however, is a much more comprehensive look at her already legendary career.

Although again my favourite mixes like the Moto Blanco mix of Paparazzi and Jody den Broeder mix of Poker Face are still nowhere to be found here, this disc takes into account that fans on this side of the Atlantic already saw the release of her Hitmixes EP last year and there is no needless duplication of tracks.

Included here are Richard Vission’s fantastic re-working of debut single Just Dance, a fun Manhattan Clique take on Boys Boys Boys (which should have been a proper single) and red-hot Starsmith’s take on the epic Bad Romance.  Above this, how can we ignore the presence of unseen before mixes of Dance in the Dark by Monarchy and The Sound of Arrows’ mix of current single AlejandroSimply amazing. Above this, Gaga definitely knows her fan base and goes straight for my heart by including the Pet Shop Boys and Frankmusik remixes of Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say). And if this set wasn’t perfect enough, Stuart Price’s mix of Paparazzi is also included, as is Alphabeat’s version of Telephone (featuring Beyoncé). Although it is not a remix, her much-heard piano version of Poker Face recorded live at Cherrytree Studios just completes this perfectly. As a devout Gaga fan, I am beyond pleased.

Lady Gaga
’s The Remix to be released via Universal Music on May 4, 2010 is a must-have for any Gaga completist. Although I’m in favour of the industry's trend to release shorter albums, I’m more than willing to make an exception to that mode of thought with this 80-minute disc. Grade: A+

Preview a full version of Alejandro (The Sounds of Arrow Mix) below; audio content owned by Universal Music:

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