Monday, April 12, 2010


Currently available only as a Japanese import, Lady Gaga's The Remix takes her first seven singles (six, if you are in North America) and gives you a condensed 17-track radio edit selection of some noteworthy remixes to-date.  The disc with an über-provocative cover, illustrates the worldwide phenomenon that Lady Gaga has become since debut single Just Dance.  

On the disc are an unnecessary three contributions from her own DJ /friend Space Cowboy (Just Dance, Poker Face and LoveGame), plus a RedOne (her co-producer) remix of Just Dance - all which I assume were chosen out of loyalty rather than merit since they have been an instrumental part of her early success.  Die-hard fans though will note some duplications from her Hitmixes EP which was released last September.  

Unfortunately, the excellent Jody den Broeder mix of Poker Face has been excluded from the set and I feel this is a glaring discrepancy.  The excellent Pet Shop Boys remix of Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) surfaces here however, which is a huge plus for the otherwise floundering track.  And another interesting choice thrown in the mix here is the Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix of LoveGame featuring Marilyn Manson.  No sign of the popular Dave Aude remix of the track though. 

I would agree with the choices of remixes chosen for Paparazzi - the Yuksek and Stuart Price mixes - although I will admit I enjoyed the campiness of the Moto Blanco remix very much too and was a bit saddened to see its exclusion.  That mix however already made an appearance on the aforementioned Hitmixes EP anyway.  By this point in the disc's sequencing, you come to a full realization of Lady Gaga's meteoric success as she has come relying on her own resources to now attracting some of the most taste-influencing remix producers in the world to re-work her compositions.

The properly amazing Bad Romance is represented by Skrillex, Starsmith and Kaskade mixes and most recent single Telephone (ft. Beyoncé) gets a makeover by our beloved Danish favourites Alphabeat, although I would have picked the Chew Fu or Kaskade mixes of the single over the Passion Pit and Crookers mixes which made the cut on The Remix.

North American fans need not fret about being excluded from the fun as this disc will get a North American release May 4, 2010 via Universal Music.   The only downside though is that by that date new single Alejandro will have already impacted radio, deeming this set even more dated.  Click here for more details.   Grade: B+


  1. This is something I'm very much looking forward to. Thanks Will!

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