Friday, April 23, 2010


Sex & The City's very own Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) spoke at The Millennium Summit, an annual meeting among world leaders to discuss global matters in Montreal yesterday.   Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) and Al Gore were among the many speakers this year.  

Asides from being adorable Charlotte, Davis is in fact an Oxfam ambassador and at the conference she spoke about her recent visits to Mozambique and Ethiopia, discussing issues about orphans, farming, irrigation and AIDS.  She spoke about the privilege of being a celebrity and the importance of using it in a positive way to raise awareness about pressing matters like the poor living conditions of young girls in Ethiopia. 

Davis also spoke about the upcoming release of Sex & The City 2 out late May, indicating that she expects harsh criticisms once again after Part 1 received mostly negative reviews.  She stated that she felt fans of the show have been loyal for the past 12 years and no matter what critics think, their opinions will not sway how loyal fans feel about the movie.
In case you haven't noticed, Davis also appears on the May issue of Fitness Magazine looking incredible.  In an interview she reveals that she "never will be the thinnest actress and never wants to be.  When you're at peace with yourself and your body, you're automatically more confident."  When asked about her diet she said that she eats lots of "eggs, salmon, chicken and side salads.  But if all she ate were salads every day, she'd shoot herself....  Who cares if you can fit in your skinny jeans when you can't enjoy life?...  Food is meant to be enjoyed."  Atta girl!

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  1. That body looks healthy and remarkable actually!

    I will enjoy the film just guessing the story behind the scenes if it's really that bad... which it sounds like it might be.