Sunday, April 18, 2010


Action-hero comedy, Kick-Ass lived up to its name in winning top spot at the Box Office this weekend taking in $19.8 million.  Disney's How to Train Your Dragon however, made it a tight match in second spot with $19.6 million.

Date Night despite slipping slightly to third spot, still garnered a healthy $17.3 million bringing its two week tally to $49.2 million.  Its cause was undoubtedly helped by a press blitz, including Tina Fey's return hosting gig on Saturday Night Live last weekend.  The romantic comedy overall continues to garner positive reviews.

Sony Screen Gems' comedy remake Death at a Funeral debuted in fourth spot this weekend with $17 million from 2,500 screens.  I will definitely be catching it in the near future despite its negative reviews.

Also of note was Clash of the Titans (3-D... but  not really!) which slipped four spots to number five this weekend, after spending two weeks on top.  Despite Box Office success, I have yet to meet one person who had much positive to say about the Warner Bros. picture and I'd say it's a pretty bad sign when my readers go out of their way to tell me in-person not to see it!

Disney's Alice in Wonderland has likely seen its final days in the Top Ten this week falling to ninth spot, in its seventh week of release.  To date it has made a stellar $324 million.   As mentioned previously, you can expect its DVD release very soon.


  1. Have you actually seen Kick Ass, or did you mean just its performance? I'm hearing good things about it, and want to see it myself.

  2. Oh no, I haven't. But the reviews have been amazing and one of my best friends Josh could not stop going on about it on Facebook today. I'm sure it's entertaining!

  3. i saw kick-ass last week, and though it starts out very, VERY slow, i fell for it soon enough. a very good neo-superhero movie.