Sunday, April 18, 2010


And this is what a good-looking woman looks like.... and I cannot disagree!  Mad Men's buxom beauty Christina Hendricks easily is my favourite actor on the show and she was awarded the title of "Best-Looking Woman in America" by Esquire Magazine, in which she will be featured May.  

Contrary to popular belief, Hendricks is actually blonde but has been dying her hair red since she was ten years old.  In her interview with the magazine, she goes on to profess her love for Pork and Chocolate-Covered Bacon. She explains even, the type of bra she wears as Joan Holloway on the show.

The actress has three films coming out in 2010, in addition to her regular role on Mad Men which enters its fourth season this July.  Her biggest release will be Life as We Know It, which comes out December 22, 2010 starring Katherine Heigl, Josh Lucas and Josh Duhamel.  I'm so crossing my fingers she'll be here in Toronto for TIFF this September!

Read Hendricks' full interview with Ryan D'Agostino, in addition to seeing some gorgeous photos of her by photographer Sheryl Nields, here. (Photo credit: Sheryl Nields)

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