Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just in time for the Kentucky Derby this Saturday, this gorgeous still was released from Disney's upcoming feature film Secretariat.  The biopic stars the quiet of late Diane Lane and John Malkovich and it is about Penny Chenery who takes the reigns at mecca racing stable Meadow Farm after her father Christopher passes away.  The stable was responsible for producing one of America's greatest race horses of all time Secretariat, more affectionately known as Big Red

I love drama, horses and strong female characters. I am going to love this.  I expect it to be a tear-jerker. The film has finished production and is slated for an October 8, 2010 release in North America, just around when the heavy hitters start surfacing for Oscars season.  Expect it to be a contender in the acting categories.

Check out the film's first trailer below:

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