Thursday, February 25, 2010


There aren't many television shows that I follow religiously, but thanks to Timeshifting on digital television, I can catch The Ellen DeGeneres Show now as I'm having my dinner.  DeGeneres who has very publicly proclaimed her love for Vitaminwater, has been selected as the face for their new zero calorie line of beverages - Vitaminwater Zero.  These adorable photos just surfaced today and they will be appearing on upcoming ads for the drink.

Product placements for Vitaminwater have been popping up everywhere of late including American Idol on which we all know DeGeneres is now a judge, replacing the show's traditional beverage of choice Coca Cola. The apple never falls far from the tree though as Glacéau's Vitaminwater is actually subsidiary of Coca Cola.  Forget Perez Hilton, the real "Queen of all Media" is Ellen DeGeneres.  She's everywhere.

As for the product itself, I've always wondered how it is that they can market the product with the word "water" in its title, considering each bottle contains about 150 calories and 39g  of carbohydrates.  The last time I checked, H2O contains none of these.  But if Ellen swears by it and she looks that hot at age 52, perhaps Vitaminwater Zero just might be the new Fountain of Youth after all?

My mom tried Vitaminwater recently for the first time and she doesn't like sweet beverages.  And even she couldn't put down her bottle of XXX (Acai Blueberry Pomegranate). Myself?  I won't turn a bottle away if offered to me, but I am more curious about this zero calorie version that has yet to hit the Canadian market.

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