Friday, February 12, 2010


MR.WILL-W.: POP MAVEN launched in September 2009 and going through some of my archives, I'm surprised that I have yet to devote any attention to Lindsay Lohan.  Perhaps this is a pat-on-the-back in that I try my best to steer focus away from gossip on this blog, which seems to be all Lohan is known for of late.  We are all aware of her partying, relationship drama, rehab stints and trouble with the law even if we choose not to know.

Lohan can be seen currently gracing Issue #13 of French fashion/art magazine Purple.  To be honest, prior to hearing about her being on it, I've never heard of the publication.  So after skimming through some of the fruits of her shoot with photographer Terry Richardson, I must say that the haute couture styling meets raw/edgy photography is fantastic.  The model, not so much.  

The cover, which is meant to push some buttons with its Crucifixion theme has been done many a time before.  I'm not shocked.  Bored?  Maybe.  And Lohan gets drowned completely underneath all the Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood like a lost child at Walmart.  

I don't mean to be cruel, as you must understand that I am someone who was excited about her career in having supported Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Georgia Rule, A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby.  Heck, I even sat through her embarrassing I Know Who Killed Me, which turned out to be more of a comedy than a thriller. Just ask my friend Tony - we kept getting shushed for laughing too loud at the theatre.  And to further fuel the joke, my friend Fran bought me the movie on DVD for Christmas as a gag, to which I tried re-selling at a second-hand DVD store.  And even they didn't want it!  This is what's become of Lohan's career.  Poor choices.  One right after the other.  

Lindsay, you've let me down as a fan.  I'm all for having fun, but it's time again to start fresh and focus on what you do best.  You're not great enough a singer to compete with the Fergies and Christina Aguileras of the world; you're definitely no supermodel.  Find management who truly believe in you and climb your way back to the top again, where you deserve to be.

After skimming through Lohan's IMDB page, she does appear to have one exciting role lined-up at least, even if just minor, in director Robert Rodriguez's (Planet Terror, Sin City) action thriller Machete.  The film starring Rose McGowan, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal and Don Johnson (yes, you read right!) is due for release April 16, 2010.  We'll see how that goes, but I'm not holding my breath.

Former Lindsay Lohan Fan Still Hoping for a Comeback


  1. This Bitch iZ NOoO Jesus... That's O.K. Jesus Sees ALL, & Knows ALL! He sees what's in the heart! Sit back & watch her Demise & as she so eloquently put it... Karma. The Lord Giveth & the Lord taketh away! She can't be Beautiful & Famous Forever! How DARE her chastise the Lord! Can't wait Father God for You to bring her to her knees!! There ARE consequences to our actions, what is Bound on Earth, is Bound in Heaven! I would NOT want to be YOU!
    Have a nice day Lindsay.

  2. I could not agree with you more! She was truly buried alive in the treacherous garden of Fashion in this depiction; a filthy, fruitless weed amongst a budding, kaleidoscopic bouquet of flawless designers' workings.

    I love Lindsay Lohan!

  3. aww! that's how i feel exactly about her. i look at her with concern. she worries me. i want nothing more than to see her back on top. this is all such an injustice :( the world is tough on redheads.