Monday, February 1, 2010


In the spirit of Doppelgänger Week on Facebook, I have chosen actor Rex Lee as my celebrity look-a-like. I never had any Asian male actor role models to look up to as a child, because everybody in Hollywood was either white or black, pretty much. I had no inclinations to learn Martial Arts, so I didn’t identify with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or Chow Yun Fat so I felt like a big letdown when kids would ask me to bust-out some Kung-Fu and I didn’t know Tae Kwon Do from Jiu Jitsu.

Then Lee got cast in the role of Lloyd on HBO’s Entourage and I’d go to parties and people would start calling me "Lloyd" or ask me, “OMG. You know that show Entourage....??”. Or friends would go, “They should’ve cast you as Lloyd, you’d be so much better at the role than he is!” and then I thought, is it possible that there is really someone I can identify with in Hollywood? At last??! Even comedian Russell Peters at a party I went to last November couldn’t resist the temptation of calling me “Lloyd” the whole night.

I’ll be honest – I’ve never watched an episode of Entourage. But after scrolling through Lee's IMDB page and seeing some of his outstanding contributions to television, like his stunning turn as Choi on an episode of America’s Most Wanted or Asian Man on Andy Richter Controls the Universe, I must say that I am proud to finally have my very own Doppelgänger/Role Model. Someone to call my own.

So what do you think? Rex Lee? Mr. Will-W.? :’)

Who's your Doppelgänger?

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