Monday, February 1, 2010


As predicted, Beyoncé cleaned up at tonight's Grammy Awards at Los Angeles' Staples Centre.  Picking up an astounding six Grammys including the important Best Female Pop Vocal and Song of the Year categories for Halo and Single Ladies respectively.  And deservedly so.  People are often quick to express their displeasure with her, but the fact remains that she is a legend at the top of her game.  I mean Lady Gaga is fantastic, but Beyoncé does it time and again based on sheer talent alone and this needs to be respected.

Taylor Swift should be extremely proud of herself right now, winning the evening's most coveted award, Album of the Year in addition to three other awards.  A humble Swift also was victorious in the category of Best Country Album, although the public really should understand why it is she isn't  quite ready for a Best Female Pop Vocal award after hearing her extremely flat performances of new single Today Was a Fairytale and You Belong With Me (featuring Stevie Nicks). Alas, I won't be too harsh on her because when I was her age, I didn't even have a fraction of the talent she has.

Lady Gaga fans are all ecstatic having set  Twitter afire, in making her a hot trending topic this evening.  Gaga, despite not being eligible for the Best New Artist award, still won Best Electronic Album and Best Dance Recording. This should come as no surprise really, seeing how she has done wonders again for dance pop music's presence on the mainstream charts.  She arrived on the red carpet tonight with bright yellow highlights in her hair, looking like an assignment from the Space unit of a grade school Science class, once again making her the center of attention.  More importantly her theatrical performance featured a very strong vocal tonight in a medley of Poker Face and Speechless (featuring Elton John), the latter which I swear she keeps performing just to prove that she can really play the piano.  Superb.

Enjoy these red carpet pictures from the Associated Press, Wired Images and Getty Images. Glee's Lea Michele, I must say, knows glamour.  She's looked fantastic at every award show she's been invited to this season. And doesn't Jason Mraz look just effortlessly handsome?

Rock music's hottest band Kings of Leon did very well in taking home three Grammys this evening, more importantly for Record of the Year and Best Rock Song for Use Somebody.  Although not in my genre of expertise, even I can acknowledge that it is indeed an excellent track.

The Black Eyed Peas even took home a few Grammys tonight including Best Short Form Music Video, Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and Best Pop Vocal Album.  I'm not quite sure how eligibility is factored, but apparently a pop vocal album can be awarded to a primarily rap group. 

To view a complete list of winners visit The Grammys' official website here.  Also check out Gaga's sensational medley here below.  My, how far she's come in a year.


  1. Good recap and pics.

    I thought Taylor was good (that's how she sounds!).

    Beyonce's performance was good but I didn't understand why she had so many guys in the background walking in w/ here but than just standing there doing nothing. Waste!

    What did you think of Pink's performance?

  2. I'm still not convinced by the whole Taylor Swift hype. Yes, she seems like lovely young girl but pairing her up with the legendary Stevie was a big mistake. Stevie absolutely blew her away.

    Loved Beyonce! Sasha is Fierce, indeed! (big up, Alanis!)

    I liked the Drake-Lil Wayne-Eminem bit but gosh- censoring half of it completely ruined an electrifying performance (Performance - A, Censorship - F)

    Maxwell and Roberta Flack made me melt into goo. :)

    -edwin aka JMonkeezy-

  3. There's been so many mixed reactions about Beyonce's performance. I don't think it was that bad. I've already seen her do the medley on her tour so it was no big deal.

    Edwin you're dating yourself re: Roberta!! :')

    P!nk was amazing! Not sure how she sang so well suspended in the air like that.