Monday, January 4, 2010


.... and gay men all around the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief.  To be honest, I was disappointed in Róisín Murphy's last leaked track Orally Fixated to say the least, but this - this more than makes up for it!

Although her third album is still untitled, Momma's Place is perhaps  a taste of what's to come on it.  But understandably, she is focusing on being the best mother she can be to newborn daughter Clodagh Henwood.  When I hear this, I feel like I'm in grade six again... at the school dance, up against the wall dancing alone with a  plastic cup of Fruit Punch in my hand, near the bag of chips of course.  Yes.  C'est love.

Despite a leaked version surfacing online yesterday not being up to standard, Róisín dropped a line to clarify:

"Hi all, I hear there has been a leak of Momma’s Place. Oh dear, I am all for the freedom of the internet, it’d just that the quality control is sometimes a little amiss… and I’m funny about stuff like that. The rip that is available is not up to scratch. So, please wait for the real thing, it’ll sound way better! Coming soon…"

And most of all, thank you Róisín for encouraging me to be strong right now, even as you are away on maternity leave. She even dropped a line via her PR Brad, to let us know that she loves this blog!  How exciting is that?

For those of you in Toronto, you will be thrilled to know that there are plans to bring Róisín to Toronto at some point in 2010 and a big single will be timed for approximately March/April.  Although the third album is not yet near completion, there will be a mix of material including what can be described as a "campy track" or two.  Cannot wait.  She is currently recording independently under her vanity label Mickey Murphy's Daughter and releasing singles via AWAL (Artists Without a Label).  And apparently, there are about 40 tracks to choose from right now.

Preview Momma's Place, available digitally January 18, 2010 in Europe and the following day in North America, as Róisín intended us to hear it on her Myspace Page.  Remixes are on the way!  Watch this exclusive video of Róisín talk about Momma's Place and what inspired it, courtesy of Big Machine Media Ltd.


  1. Thanks Aaron. Please re-read post as it's been updated with additional info from Roisin herself!