Sunday, January 24, 2010


John Mayer is the kind of guy you want to have a one night stand with.  As you lie in his bed in post-coital reflection, you get him to break out his guitar and play a song for you.  And then after the song's done, you yawn as soon as he starts talking about himself and you say, "listen I have some...erran...I mean work to do.  Thanks for the fun.  Take care.  All the best."  You exchange hugs and delete his number from your phone right away.  And then you go home and update your Facebook status about it, garnering mixed reactions from your friends of encouragement and disgust; mostly disgust.

In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the singer/songwriter/guitar player (emphasis on the player part) reveals that he is still not over Jennifer Aniston, that he masturbates his problems away, doesn't think his new album Battle Studies is his best work and that he eludes to being a Butt Man.  Interestingly, he reveals that he gets turned down for sex by girls more often than one might think when he goes bar-hopping.  That's class right there.

At least there's some pretty pictures by photographer Mark Seliger to look at.  Whore-ific.


  1. He's a beautiful lost boy. Just needs an older woman to shape him up. I'd gladly be that woman.