Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Demi Lovato in Toronto - July 2012
Playing to a Crowd of 4,500 Fans at Molson Amphitheatre last night, Teen Pop Sensation Demi Lovato wowed Fans once again with her flawless Vocals.  The X Factor Judge somehow has managed to juggle a Tour into her busy Schedule, which wraps mid-August in Camden, New Jersey.

Although Fans waiting outside her Hotel yesterday afternoon were left disappointed as she hid herself with an Umbrella, she saved it for the Show giving her all to Fans there. Quite a few Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven Readers got a chance to meet Lovato after securing Photo Ops prior upon first release of Tickets.

Lovato upon noticing one Sign in the Audience which read "Stay strong! We're here because of YOU!", responded to her Fans, "That's exactly why I do what I do!".  One Concert-Goer Anne tells me, "A lot of Pop Stars don't like being Role Models, and don't like acknowledging that kind of a Role either, but she always does and it's really great.".  Lov her.

The Singer/Actress is currently at-work on her fourth Studio Disc and celebrates her 20th Birthday shortly after the conclusion of her Tour.

 Special thanks to Stephanie Hawkins for the gorgeous Photo.

(Photo credit: Stephanie Hawkins via Mr. Will-W.)