Wednesday, March 21, 2012


War Horse 4-Disc Combo Pack
One of my favourite Films of 2011 will soon see a DVD/Blu-ray release and Fans of the Film have every reason to be excited. Best Picture-nomianted War Horse from Director Steven Spielberg will be available in a gratuitous a 4-Disc Combo Pack (2-Disc Blue-ray + 1 Disc DVD + Digital Copy) which includes the following: 

  • A Filmmaking Journey - Academy Award®-winning Director/Producer Steven Spielberg provides a unique and unprecedented look into the making and filming of War Horse
  • Editing & Scoring - Multi-Oscar® winners Michael Kahn (Film Editor) and John Williams (Composer) discuss specific aspects of editing the film and composing music for War Horse, as well as the secret to their long and successful collaborations with Steven Spielberg
  •  The Sounds of War Horse - Seven-time Academy Award®-winning sound designer Gary Rydstrom takes us through the sophisticated sound design he created for War Horse
  • Through The Producer's Lens - Producer Kathleen Kennedy shares the photos she took during filming and recounts how she discovered the source material, as well as her appreciation of Steven Spielberg's vision, the team that sounds him, and why War Horse appealed to her. 
  • War Horse: The Look - Director/Producer Steven Spielberg introduces us to his creative team of production designer Rick Carter, Costume Designer Joanna Johnston and Director of Photography Janusz Kaminski, who discuss what it took to design the look for the film. 
  • An Extra's Point of View - Film extra Martin Dew explains how and why he was brought in -along with a hundred other men- to be featured alternately as both German and British Soldiers.

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War Horse will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, Digital and On-Demand April 3, 2012.  Order it here.

(Photo credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Canada)