Thursday, March 8, 2012


One Direction - Up All Night
In-stores Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Pop Music's new Princes One Direction are set for the North American release of their hit Album, Up All Night via Sony Music Canada.  Hot on the heels of their sell-out Show at the Air Canada Centre along with Co-headliners Big Time Rush, Fans now can preview in full the Canadian pressing of their Disc!

If you haven't yet discovered the fun known as One Direction, you need to listen below:

In case you missed my Review of Big Time Rush and One Direction's Toronto Show, click here to catch-up!

And as an aside, Fans of The X Factor (UK), will be thrilled to know that Sony Music Canada also will be servicing Alumni, Cher Lloyd's Single Want U Back over here, with it impacting Radio in April!

Order Up All Night on iTunes here.

(Photo credit: Sony Music | Audio content: Sony Music)